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Unlock the Benefits of Composable Commerce With Confidence
Accelerate your digital transformation with Zocalo by Avatria. Our customizable commerce solution assembles a best-of-breed composable architecture and provides faster speed-to-value, while lowering risk, effort, and complexity.
Benefits of Zocalo
An Accelerator With No License Fees
Zocalo is totally free and we offer it to you as a means of accelerating and de-risking your migration. This allows us to efficiently deliver value to you.
No Lock-In Required
Unlike other accelerators you are not locked into a proprietary technology ecosystem, hosting platform, or engineering team with a specialized skillset. If you choose to self-manage, no long-term contract is required and we will facilitate a transition to your team when you are ready.
Cost-Effective To Staff And To Operate
Zocalo is built on a modern tech stack including React and Java Spring. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Affordable engineering resources with these skillsets are readily available worldwide and require no specialization.
Or Better Yet, We Can Operate For You
With our team at your side, your business and technology organizations have the flexibility to pick your level of involvement in operating your sites. Our team of experts will fill in the gaps and offer managed hosting, support, configuration, and enhancement services so that you can focus on strategy and innovation.
Key Features
Accelerator Storefront
Zocalo ships with a fully responsive accelerator storefront that has core commerce capabilities prebuilt - saving time on a composed solution.
Flexible Back End Architecture
Zocalo's architecture is flexible to integrate with any API-based platform of your choosing, allowing you to create a best-in-class experience for your customers.
Zocalo doesn’t just package a website together - it fully enables your commerce architecture. Zocalo acts as the master system for all of your commerce capabilities, centralizing functionality for all of your omnichannel applications.
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