Avatria is proud to announce Zocalo, a solution to help orchestrate your composable commerce capabilities. Learn More
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Commerce is at an inflection point - don't let your competition modernize before you
Zocalo by Avatria offers a pre-composed solution that makes modernization effortless while delivering the value you need at the cost you deserve.
Faster Time To Market
More Cost Effective
Less Time On Support
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The Archaic Way
Rigid, All-In-One Solutions
Don't be left constantly playing catch-up with your competition because you are hamstrung by the constraints of your digital technology. Common challenges include:
  • Basic capabilities designed for the masses
  • Difficult and costly to craft differentiators for your brand
  • Progress is stifled by significant technology distractions
  • Forced to pay for capabilities you're not even using
The Modern Way
Ultimate Flexibility to Differentiate Your Business
Be where your customers want you to be when they want you to be there, not a year later....all unlocked by modern enablers like:
  • Deep capabilities for a comprehensive experience
  • Flexibility to customize however you see fit
  • Quickly respond to changes in digital trends
  • Business priorities are no longer trumped by technical debt
Supercharge Your Modernization
Zocalo is a digital storefront that allows you to modernize with over 250 capabilities that serve B2C and B2B customers.

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Easy to Implement, Easier to Manage
No License Fees
Zocalo is totally free and we offer it to you as a means of accelerating and de-risking your migration. This allows us to efficiently deliver value to you.
No Minimum Term
The Zocalo codebase can be self-managed at any time, without transition fees.
Affordable to Staff
Zocalo is built on a modern tech stack including React and Java Spring, affordable skillsets that are readily available worldwide and require no specialization.
Flexible Ways to Manage
Whether you want to self-manage, have Avatria manage, or leverage a hybrid model, we have the right support options available to your team.
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