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Zocalo by Avatria launches integration with commercetools

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by Avatria Team

Chicago, July 2024: Avatria announces a new integration of Zocalo, Avatria's composable commerce accelerator, with commercetools, a composable eCommerce platform. This integration allows commercetools customers to streamline the implementation process via Zocalo's pre-built API layer and storefront.

Zocalo enables brands to build and launch digital experiences up to 40% faster, and at less cost than a traditional implementation. Zocalo employs a "build it once, deploy it everywhere" model, enabling companies to scale quickly and support common experiences across websites, kiosks, mobile apps, in-store point of sale, and other channels. As an accelerator, Zocalo has pre-built functionality and services that come as a package that can be quickly integrated with a new or existing commerce platform.

Zocalo supports both B2C and B2B businesses, with multi-storefront capability as well as support for custom pricing, catalogs, and other core B2B needs available out-of-the-box.

Anando Naqui, director at Avatria and delivery lead for the new solution, said: “Switching from a monolithic approach to a composable one can seem like a daunting project, so we created Zocalo to make the process much smoother and minimize organizational risk. Whether you need to replatform your digital experience, or you simply want to add new features for your customers, Zocalo will get you further, faster, and with less cost and effort than other solutions. Our accelerator provides a robust starting point for your program, especially in situations where a full replatform isn’t a viable option. We’re seeing tremendous success in helping businesses incrementally modernize their digital footprints with Zocalo.”

Naqui said that Zocalo offers a "best-of-both worlds" approach, where users have an out-of-the-box framework on which to build, with the freedom to compose and customize as they need. "You might say we're giving commerce its head back with our approach to using APIs to power storefront functionality,” he joked.

Providing cohesion between MACH platforms, adopters of Zocalo will benefit from reduced project risk during a migration, transition, or the extension of a digital ecosystem. It has the ability to move incrementally or all at once, depending on need and urgency, and will be managed by Avatria with end-to-end customer support so that there is no need to ramp up another solution.

Naqui continued: “The business logic is built in the API layer so you will only need to build once for your solution to work across all channels and touchpoints. Meanwhile, the ready-made features of the storefront give you the building blocks for creating a common commerce experience. The initial release will support a full suite of platforms, with more being added all the time via a plug-in integration model. Users can expect more nuanced features coming in subsequent releases, so watch this space.”

About Avatria

Avatria, a Chicago-based digital consulting agency, is the developer of Zocalo. Our deep experience providing digital commerce solutions has seen us work with industry-leading businesses in a variety of verticals, including retail, automotive, manufacturing & supply, and hospitality.

About commercetools

commercetools, a leading global composable commerce company, enables businesses to flexibly customize, tailor and scale shopping experiences across markets. Their composable commerce platform equips some of the world’s most influential businesses with tools to remain agile, future-proof digital offerings, reduce technical risks and costs, and build outstanding experiences that drive revenue growth.

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