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Seeking technical guidance? Whether assessing current technology or envisioning the future, we offer unbiased feedback to keep your goals on track.

Our team is made up of experienced digital commerce leaders, offering firsthand insights to support our recommendations across the B2B and B2C space. Our long-term partners trust us based on consistency, integrity, and results.
Digital Roadmaps
A well-defined roadmap is crucial for achieving business goals. Avatria helps you make data-backed decisions based on dependencies, constraints, and industry best practices, ensuring a setup for success.
Solution Architecture
Our experienced architects will review your current technology and offer insights and ideas to make it even better. From the small details to the big picture, we understand the importance of a well-architected solution.
Vendor Selection
When it comes to commerce and technology, we know you have options. We can guide you through a rigorous but expedient end-to-end process of selecting the right product for you.
Migration Strategy
Upgrade or migrate efficiently with a well-planned strategy, saving time and money while boosting success rates. We’ll help you determine the best fit for your current and future business needs, preparing you for what lies ahead.
Technology Assessments
Our experienced architects will review your current technology, offering insights to enhance it. Understanding both the big picture and intricate details, we craft a well-architected solution to bring your vision to life.
Program Management
Let us help you efficiently plan, execute, and oversee your projects and initiatives. We provide our own tools and years of experience to guide projects of any size to success.
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Unlock the Benefits of Composable Commerce With Confidence
Accelerate your digital transformation with Zocalo by Avatria. Our customizable commerce solution assembles a best-of-breed composable architecture and provides faster speed-to-value, while lowering risk, effort, and complexity.
Is MACH/headless eCommerce right for you?
To celebrate the launch of Avatria’s new composable commerce accelerator, Zocalo, we wanted to share a few blog posts about some of the thinking that guided our development of the tool.
Anando Naqui
Improve Conversion by Getting More Out of Your Search Engine
Did you know that over 70% of shoppers never make it to the second page of a product category and almost 90% never make it past the first page of search results? How many do you think even make it to the bottom of that first page? In today’s age, it is critically important that the products your customers are most likely to purchase appear above the fold on the first page. Customers expect you to show them what they’re looking for, and your margin for error is minimal.
Brian Ballard
Blueprint for Building a Global Commerce Site
Building a successful global business is a never-ending juggling act, compromises feel inevitable: Efficiency is traded for simplicity, and optimal long-term solutions are traded for quick and dirty fixes.
Leo Rotstein
Take your digital transformation to the next level