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Maximize profitability with a strong digital presence. Our bespoke solutions create the backbone of engaging and innovative experiences, delivering your business goals.

With comprehensive expertise, innovative strategies, and long-term collaboration, we cover all of your digital landscape. Know your business roadmap is built with precision and delivered with industry-leading quality and time to market.
Partnerships Lasting 4+ Years
Commerce Team Members
Customer Satisfaction
Headless/MACH Commerce
Seamlessly decouple your frontend and backend, enabling rapid innovation and delivering exceptional digital experiences to your customers.
Commerce Implementation
Let us handle your commerce platform's full lifecycle, ensuring business goals are achieved from roadmapping, to implementation, to ongoing enhancements.
Process Automation
Streamline your workflow by automating repetitive tasks, simplifying complexity and enhancing operational effectiveness.
CMS Platform Implementation
Let us tailor your CMS platform solutions to align with your specific needs, enabling site updates in realtime and ensuring a successful digital presence.
Process Optimization
Establish KPIs for core digital processes, fine-tune your workflows, and automate key aspects for efficiency.
Content & Data Migration
Ensure an efficient migration of all content and data from your legacy platform to your business's new, customized experience.
Avatria Engage
Avatria Engage is the first of its kind designed to complement SEM, SEO, and other top-of-the funnel marketing strategies helping drive more traffic to your site.
Avatria Convert
Using analytics data and custom machine learning models, Avatria Convert will improve conversion and help your customers find what they need.
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Unlock the Benefits of Composable Commerce With Confidence
Accelerate your digital transformation with Zocalo by Avatria. Our customizable commerce solution assembles a best-of-breed composable architecture and provides faster speed-to-value, while lowering risk, effort, and complexity.
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To celebrate the launch of Avatria’s new composable commerce accelerator, Zocalo, we wanted to share a few blog posts about some of the thinking that guided our development of the tool.
Anando Naqui
Why you shouldn’t build business logic into your frontend
When we started building Zocalo, our MACH-based eCommerce enablement tool, we brought our decades of experience as digital commerce consultants to the design process. We looked at where eCommerce platforms were 5, 10, and 15 years ago, thought back to all of the poorly built system architectures we’d been brought in to shore up...
Zach McMahon & Anando Naqui
Blueprint for Building a Global Commerce Site
Building a successful global business is a never-ending juggling act, compromises feel inevitable: Efficiency is traded for simplicity, and optimal long-term solutions are traded for quick and dirty fixes.
Leo Rotstein
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