AmerCareRoyal Emporix Implementation


Philadelphia, PA


Manufacturing & Distribution





Vendor Selection

The Challenge

AmerCareRoyal (ACR) is a leading B2B supplier of disposable products in food, sanitation, industrial, and medical industries.

Seeking enhanced business growth and an improved customer experience, ACR recently adopted a new digital strategy that would replace its aging Customer Portal. ACR selected Emporix, a leading headless and composable commerce platform as its architectural foundation.

Avatria was engaged by ACR to lead the Emporix implementation.

Project Details

The level of complexity of this implementation was significant. Below are some key features that were implemented:

  • Flexible and scalable cloud-native architecture
  • Intuitive and modern user experience
  • Support for optimized sales practices
  • Increased customer service and self-service levels
  • Improvements in business process efficiencies

Beyond filling core architecture, project management, engineering, and QA roles, Avatria’s effort included:

  • Working collaboratively with client leadership to develop a roadmap that would sunset legacy solutions with significant planned cost savings
  • Supporting Voice of the Customer demos as part of our methodology and incorporating feedback to deliver a superior product without extending the timeline


With Avatria’s help, the MVP implementation of Emporix was complete within 3 months. This enabled the transition of a select portion of ACR’s customers from the legacy portal to the new experience, with the full cutover on track to occur shortly thereafter.

Project results: 3 months, 70% fewer touches, 25% category mix increase, 100% cycle time improvement

The project was completed on-time, within budget, and without sacrificing quality; the initial launch received strong UAT and client demo grades, alongside a smooth production deployment.

The Digital Commerce Platform allows us to replace a number of existing systems and to ultimately unify our B2B and B2C solutions. This will propel us ahead by addressing key areas such as order fulfillment where there is a current requirement for manual work. Automating such processes will enable us to supercharge our scalability.
Jeff DeSandre | CIO