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Global expansion is a significant endeavor. Avatria crafts strategies and solutions for expansion, whether to a neighboring region or across the globe.

We'll understand your goals, develop a strategy for rapid extensibility, and execute global business operations seamlessly. Our technology experts understand the complexities of expansion, covering technical constraints, web compliance, data challenges, and more.
Platform Globalization
Avatria will ensure your platform provides the core capabilities necessary to deliver localized and personalized experiences anywhere you choose to do business.
Digital Roadmaps
Planning for a global expansion is a big effort, and the right approach can simplify the rollout. Avatria can help you optimize your efforts, minimizing risk, cost, time, and effort.
Web Compliance
GDPR, CCPA, PCI, WCAG, PII... Compliance can be alphabet soup and feel like a foreign language, but it's one we're fluent in. We can help you make sense of which regulations apply to you, which don't, and how to put a strategy in place to be compliant across the globe.
Accessibility Audits, Design & Development
Ensuring your site is compliant with current accessibility standards is critical to doing business globally. While standards vary country to country, your business goals stay the same. Avatria can help audit existing sites or design new ones, ensuring quality user experience across the board.
Blueprint for Building a Global Commerce Site
Building a successful global business is a never-ending juggling act, compromises feel inevitable: Efficiency is traded for simplicity, and optimal long-term solutions are traded for quick and dirty fixes.
Leo Rotstein
WCAG 3.0: The Next Step in Digital Accessibility
On January 21st, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released the first public draft of a new generation of the WCAG Accessibility guidelines: WCAG 3.0. WCAG 3.0 has a number of significant differences from WCAG 2.x, not just in the site requirements, but also in how the standard is measured and applied. One of the most significant changes under 3.0 is a shift in how conformance is achieved. This article discusses how this change may impact your level of compliance.
Anando Naqui
Is MACH/headless eCommerce right for you?
To celebrate the launch of Avatria’s new composable commerce accelerator, Zocalo, we wanted to share a few blog posts about some of the thinking that guided our development of the tool.
Anando Naqui
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