Access Control and Garage Door Operator Manufacturer


Oak Brook, IL




SAP Commerce


SAP Commerce

Platform Implementation

The Challenge

In 2015, the client, a global garage door opener, gate operator, security, and perimeter access products manufacturer and distributor, tapped Avatria to lead the SAP Commerce implementation for their flagship B2B dealer portal.

As part of the implementation, Avatria was tasked with the following:

  • Leading a mixed team of internal and external Business Analysts and Developers through the entire implementation
  • Conducting discovery, requirements gathering, architecture, and solution design sessions
  • Creating all functional and technical design documentation
  • Setting up all SAP Commerce infrastructure, environments, and release management processes
  • Facilitating data migration
  • Creating and executing load test scripts that were developed using Avatria‚Äôs proprietary Performance Tuning framework
  • Facilitating QA and User Acceptance Testing
  • Coordinating the production deployment

Key Features

The level of complexity of this implementation was significant. Below are some key features that were implemented:

  • Product Configurator
  • Support for multiple country sites
  • Deployment to Windows-based infrastructure
  • Custom account verification process
  • Added security to checkout process to minimize fraud associated with buying on account


The entire project was implemented in less than 6 months and under budget. It was so successful that it was featured at the SAP Commerce conference that year as an illustration of the level of complexity that can be quickly accomplished on SAP Commerce in a short period of time. Nearly 7 years later, the client continues to rely on SAP Commerce and remains happy with the product.