Global Printer Manufacturer - International Rollout


Long Beach, CA




SAP Commerce


SAP Commerce

Platform Implementation


The Challenge

After an initial North America rollout of the client’s website on SAP Commerce, Avatria led a subsequent phase to enable features specific to Latin America and Southeast Asia. With over 15 country sites present across the two regions, and because each property used varying commerce and content technologies, the need for a consistent and repeatable playbook was essential for mitigating the uniqueness of each migration.

Fortunately, the framework that Avatria had put in place during the initial planning & development phase allowed this rollout to occur on accelerated basis, with only minor modifications and region-specific changes required.

Key Contributions

Avatria team members were engaged from the project's inception through the go-live. Our contributions to the project included:

  • Enabling country- and region-specific payment methods, including the development of altered checkout flows and punch-out integrations depending on supported payment providers
  • Completing complex data migrations to match existing country content with new data model objects and CMS components
  • Partnering with international teams to modify the site experience for country-specific needs, such as removing checkout options on certain country sites that were not ready for online transactions
  • Executing a reusable go-live checklist for SAP Commerce activities and coordinating site launches across international teams


After a successful launch of the pilot countries, the client was able to continually add new countries to the platform using the framework and tools we created, with minimal assistance required. In addition to a consistent look and feel, these sites can now take advantage of consolidated codebases, streamlined operation teams, and new features as soon as they are rolled out.