Discount Tire


Scottsdale, AZ


National Tire Retailer


SAP Commerce




70,000 (approx.)


SAP Commerce


Platform Implementation


Discount Tire is the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the United States, with 900+ stores nationwide. With the challenge of providing a single view of the customer and enabling a cohesive experience between all channels, Discount Tire embarked on a multi-phase program to re-platform its website and point-of-service (POS) system, among many other projects.

Performance, manageability and new functionality were drivers for the website. Modernizing and simplifying the store user interfaces along with providing additional capabilities were key in the POS transition.

In addition to the website and POS systems, Discount Tire was also looking to convert a proof of concept tire recommendation application into a full scale, production-ready system that could be used by all of its stores. Utilizing proprietary algorithms and vast amounts of collected data, Discount Tire would be able to provide unique tire recommendations based on customer specific attributes and preferences – leading to improved customer confidence throughout the buying experience.

Our Role

Avatria has partnered with Discount Tire on several of its omni-channel initiatives. This includes eCommerce development capacity to support a successful launch of its new eCommerce websites (Discount Tire, America’s Tire and Discount Tire Direct), and functional leadership across the web, point-of-service, and recommendation application. With its long term engagement, Avatria has helped Discount Tire throughout the course of this program and has delivered in various capacities to support the given project needs.

Here are some of the areas where Avatria engaged and added value to the program:

  • Coordination and alignment on business requirements
  • Best practice designs and quality implementation of code
  • Enterprise Architecture guidance
  • Customer data model assessment and recommendations
  • Cross team and cross project coordination for omni-channel alignment

We were in the middle of an eCommerce replatforming and needed both technical and functional expertise quickly. Avatria provided not only the experienced resources in the eCommerce and omni-channel space, but a level of thought leadership and cultural acceptance that was unprecedented. The relationship that Discount Tire and Avatria has built is one of the best I've seen in my 15 years with the company.
Chris Chapman | Assistant Vice President, Discount Tire


  • Boosted website performance across Discount Tire’s performance based KPIs
  • Consolidated, normalized and cleansed customer data into a single system of record – leading to a single view of the customer
  • Delivered better product recommendations for the in-store experience
  • Improved project delivery success