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Bring more customers to your site—and make sure they convert while they’re there.

Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Optimization

By improving SEO and SEM, Avatria Engage is proven to drive more traffic to your site.

Key Capabilities

Custom Vanity URLs
URL Canonicalization
Schema.org Microdata
Markup Optimization for SEO

Improve conversion by showing customers what they’re looking for with AI-optimized search, browse, and recommendations.

Key Capabilities

Personalized Browse & Search
AI-Powered Recommendations
Actionable Business Intelligence

A Solution For Everyone

Whether you’re new to SAP Commerce or optimizing an existing site, Engage can be implemented within 30 days, saving months of development time and preventing problems before they arise.

How Engage Solves Problems

Search Rank Optimization via Vanity URLs

The Challenge

Many sites experience reduced SEO values due to a few common problems:

  1. Large development initiatives require updating URLs, sacrificing SEO value of existing pages.
  2. Search trends change, and URLs reflect outdated terminology.
  3. Rigid URL formatting doesn’t allow for the flexibility to include key terms.

Avatria’s Solution

Avatria’s Vanity URL capability gives business users the ability to solve these issues by providing full control over the structure of your URLs. This means you can automatically:

  1. Migrate your old URL structure during replatform (if desired) so that you don’t have to author thousands of 301 redirects to avoid a dip in SEO.
  2. Optimize your current URLs (down to the product level) to respond to shifting trends in market terminology.
  3. Customize your URLs however you want when launching new products or product families.

Improved Page Rank via URL Canonicalization

The Challenge

Any time a product family contains multiple options (such as size or color), most eCommerce sites will generate a unique URL for each variant. Unfortunately, this causes search engines to index each variant as a unique product, splitting the Page Rank of the product and causing it to show up lower in search results. This effect can be so severe that oftentimes a product will fall off the first page of results entirely, leading to a significant reduction in referral traffic from organic search.

Avatria’s Solution

To address this, Avatria Engage supports URL Canonicalization. This feature forces a search engine to treat related URLs as a single product, leading to higher page ranks and improved organic search placement.

Enhanced Search Listings via Schema.org Microdata

The Challenge

For many sites, search engines are able to embed rich product data directly into the listing, such as the title, description, reviews, and more. This meaningful information, known as “Microdata,” can improve the likelihood that a user clicks on your link.

Avatria’s Solution

Avatria Engage has implemented Schema.org, a Microdata standard, into relevant eCommerce templates, ensuring that search engines can display attractive content in listings for all your pages.

Personalized Browse & Search

The Challenge

Over 73% of shoppers never make it to the second page of products on category or search results pages. This means that getting the best possible products in front of the customer as soon as possible is crucial to conversion.

Unfortunately, many modern eCommerce platforms rely on simplistic product sorting capabilities, leaving top products buried below the first page, and requiring extensive manual merchandising effort to optimize product lists.

Avatria’s Solution

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Avatria Engage* uses machine learning to create personalized product lists in categories and search results. By studying shopping behavior, product data, and user demographics, Avatria Engage determines what the shopper is most likely to purchase, and pushes the best products to the top of the page.

*Powered by Convert Relevance

Intelligent Product Carousels

The Challenge

Product recommendation carousels are a staple of the modern eCommerce experience, and have been proven to dramatically increase Average Order Value. Unfortunately, many eCommerce platforms require an effort-intensive process to make these carousels effective, and make personalization virtually unmanageable.

Avatria’s Solution

Avatria Engage* uses machine learning to automatically generate personalized recommendations. With multiple carousel types available, such as “You May Also Like,” “Similar Products,” and “Most Popular,” cross-selling and upselling on SAP Commerce has never been easier. Avatria Engage makes it painless to display recommendations anywhere on your site.

*Powered by Convert Recommends

Advanced Business Intelligence

The Challenge

Most conversion optimization solutions operate as a black box, preventing business users from understanding why they work, and applying lessons to other parts of the business.

Avatria’s Solution

Avatria Engage* provides actionable business intelligence without needing a data science team. Advanced dashboards like Relevance Analysis, Key Metrics, and Anomaly Detection help you identify where your site needs help, and make it simple to track progress.

*Powered by Convert IQ