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Avatria builds innovative commerce solutions that help our customers reach their full potential.

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Digital Services

Our team of commerce experts specializes in all things digital commerce: from platform implementations to strategy definition to commerce data science. No matter what challenges you face, Avatria has the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your business objectives.

Digital Services

Avatria Convert

Avatria Convert is an easy-to-use solution that automatically optimizes sort order in category pages and search results. Using shopping data and machine learning, Convert is able to improve conversion by predicting what customers are most likely to purchase.

Avatria Convert

Samples of Our Work


Anixter Multi-Site Implementation

Building upon a framework that we designed, Avatria implemented a scalable global commerce solution for a B2B Fortune 500 company in 79 countries


Anixter Globalization Strategy

By creating an implementation framework for a complex global rollout, Avatria set the stage for a scalable and successful globalization project

Discount Tire

Discount Tire

Avatria has built a long-term relationship spanning many years and projects. Learn more about the work that we've done with this exciting B2C Tire Retailer

Sports World Chicago

Sports World Chicago

Convert improved conversion by over 50% and average purchases per user by over 19% for a local sports apparel retailer.

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Web Accessibility

Digital Commerce for an Accessible World

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