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Accelerating Success in a Digital Age
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by Mike Razzoog & Anando Naqui
At B2B Online Chicago, we were invited to present our approach to technology modernization. In this presentation, we'll unpack why businesses need to modernize their tech stacks, and Avatria's approach to doing so. Have any questions?
Elite BAs may not Develop Code, but are Pivotal to Project Success
In my experience, there has been a misconception that solid Business Analysts are pretty easy to find and are interchangeable within an eCommerce project. What I have come across is that finding very strong BAs that are difference makers on a project is not so easy; and having a great one is essential to overall quality on a project. There are many factors involved with delivering a successful project, and in this post I’ll review the main areas of a project where a strong BA can showcase his or her elite skills to help enable that success.
John Vurdelja
Maximizing the Value of Minimum Viable Product
Sometimes, less really is more. The benefits of establishing and practicing a disciplined minimum viable product approach to development are numerous.
Tony Farruggio
Effective Code Branching Strategies for Software Teams
Branching strategies are critical to clean, efficient, and bug-free development when multiple teams or developers are working within the same codebase. Check out our key strategies we recommend, but most of all: don’t overlook the small stuff.
Stephen Osentoski
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