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Accessibility issues hurt the customer experience, limit your market, and increase legal risk. We'll find your site's issues, fix them, and ensure that your site is WCAG and accessibility-compliant globally.
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Deep Specialties

Evaluation & Design

We work with clients to understand not only what accessibility issues their sites have, but also what the root cause of the issues is.



Regulatory Analysis

Accessibility regulations can be complex and confusing. We'll determine which apply to you, and help you create a plan for compliance.

Accessibility Audit

Using a comprehensive framework including both automated scans and manual discovery, we'll find all the issues impacting compliance.

Requirement Reconciliation

Once the audit is complete, we'll compare results to requirements, and help you prioritize any issues.

Methodology Analysis

Issues are often caused by an unfamiliarity with accessibility principles. By taking a holistic approach, we not only fix existing issues, but prevent them in the future.

Remediation & Validation

One thing that sets Avatria apart is that we don't just find your accessibility issues, we can fix them, too.

Our Approach:



Our expert developers have a wealth of experience in accessibility issues as well as backend and frontend web technologies.

Testing & Verification

Using a variety of real-world assistive technology tools, we'll fully test the site to ensure compliance.

Compliance Monitoring

The risk of new accessibility issues increases as websites evolve. We monitor your site on a periodic basis to ensure that you remain in compliance.