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Loyal customers drive business success by contributing significantly to the bottom line. To cultivate this loyalty, understanding and motivating their engagement is crucial.

Enhance brand engagement through strategically designed loyalty programs, ensuring customers are motivated to remain loyal through attractive incentives. We leverage detailed customer insights to tailor marketing strategies that precisely meet their needs, fostering a personalized and impactful customer experience.
Analytics Strategy
Set your site up for success through careful data planning, focusing on the complete customer journey.
Data Insights & Dashboards
Understand the critical touchpoints that lead your customers to conversion.
Loyalty Program Strategy
Define a loyalty program that resonates with your customers and encourages engagement with your brand.
Loyalty Program Implementation
Reward your customers by providing them incentives to continue using your products or services.
Customer Data Platform
Obtain a comprehensive view of your customers and tailor your marketing efforts to meet their needs.
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The Analytics Missteps Too Many Companies Make
One of the fun (albeit challenging) aspects of analytics consulting is that you get to work with a lot of clients in a number of roles. Because of the nature of the work, you’re typically juggling a few different clients at any given time, and because of the way many clients treat analytics work...
John McDonough
Improve Conversion by Getting More Out of Your Search Engine
Did you know that over 70% of shoppers never make it to the second page of a product category and almost 90% never make it past the first page of search results? How many do you think even make it to the bottom of that first page? In today’s age, it is critically important that the products your customers are most likely to purchase appear above the fold on the first page. Customers expect you to show them what they’re looking for, and your margin for error is minimal.
Brian Ballard
How Far Do Customers Browse on eCommerce Sites? Not as Far as You Think.
An expression has been floating around that supposedly describes a painful truth of eCommerce shopping habits; it goes something like this: You could bury a body on page two, and no one would ever find it. It’s one of those ideas that feels right (when was the last time you clicked into the second page of search results for an answer?), but is much harder to find good data about. Fortunately, we have a lot of eCommerce data at hand, so we decided to try to dive into the question for ourselves.
John McDonough
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