Anixter Adobe Analytics Implementation


Glenview, IL


Industrial Supply


SAP Commerce


SAP Commerce

Adobe Analytics

Platform Implementation

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The Challenge

The client, Anixter, is a billion-dollar industrial supplies distributor, with whom Avatria has worked on numerous projects related to their website and eCommerce platform. A full catalog of our work with the client can be found here.

For years, Anixter utilized Google Analytics for much of their analytics and reporting needs. However, there were limitations to the Google Analytics product suite that made it difficult for Anixter to conduct A/B tests. Recognizing that Adobe Analytics would seamlessly integrate with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Audience Manager, and SAP Commerce, Anixter decided to migrate away from Google Analytics in favor of Adobe. This would facilitate data collection, reporting, A/B testing, and advanced personalization, all on a standard platform.

Anixter engaged Avatria to implement Adobe Analytics on all SAP Commerce pages across their flagship site,

Key Contributions

  • Audited full site and all page templates to create a master list of project requirements
  • Implemented and configured Adobe Analytics via backend development and tag setup
  • Validated that proper data collection was occurring
  • After deployment, Avatria provided ongoing updates and validation of tagging as UX elements were introduce or modified over time


In the end, Avatria was required to migrate over 20 page templates, impacting a product catalog with nearly 1M SKUs. The initial development effort, including go-live, was completed in 8 weeks.