eCommerce Technical Lead

What You’ll Do

As an eCommerce Technical Lead, you’ll join a team of dedicated, experienced professionals to work on software development projects for our enterprise customers. You’ll get wide exposure to the business processes and technologies that support modern eCommerce systems, and the opportunity to work closely with the founders of our organization.

At Avatria, you’ll focus on:

  • Technical team management. You’ll shape the final technical direction for the project and manage the other members of the development team to help deliver a high quality product based on the estimates you helped put together. You will lead the development effort and ensure that the code Avatria delivers is high quality and production ready.
  • Solution development. You’ll perform code reviews, interface with the customers technical team on a daily basis and use your eCommerce expertise to help your team tackle any challenges or complex technical problems they face. You will become intimately familiar with the solution being built and the customer will rely on you to help them connect the dots and build a system that works seamlessly across their organization.
  • Integrated team collaboration. The technical lead will work hand in hand with the functional lead, creative lead and quality assurance lead to accomplish your goals and execute efficiently. You’ll also help teach your colleagues in our customers’ organizations about the project we’re working on, and help build their capacity to maintain and expand what we create for them over the long term.
Where You'll Work

Avatria is based in downtown Chicago, and we’d love for you to join us here. When you’re not traveling, your hours will be flexible and you’ll be free to work from home (or anywhere else you want).

This is a consulting role, and you should be prepared to travel 50%+ of the time. However, we have all spent a long time living on the road — our priority is helping you work effectively, and we plan our engagements to remove travel that won’t materially increase the project’s success.

We would prefer that you use Chicago as a home base because of the cost and complexity of having services team members based in other cities. However, remote work could be a possibility, and you can explain what you have in mind on your application.

Diversity Statement

Avatria is an equal employment opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, national origin, citizenship, or any other protected characteristic.

However, our expertise at Avatria is built on the combined strength of our unique individual backgrounds. We believe that the greater the variety of lived experiences on our team, the stronger our company will be, and the better we will be able to serve our customers. We encourage people from groups traditionally underrepresented in professional services and the software industry to apply.


You’ll be a good fit for this role if you have experience with:

  • Building and integrating customized enterprise systems. Large software projects present unique challenges, and as a senior member of our team, you’ll best be able to define and develop technical solutions for our customers if you’ve worked on at least one large enterprise software project before.
  • eCommerce implementation experience. We’ve found that people who have worked on one or more large B2C and/or B2B eCommerce projects using SAP Hybris or Oracle Commerce (ATG) can more easily recognize and avoid the common – and not so common – issues in engagements like the ones we work on.
  • Full-stack Java web development. Your colleagues will look to you for both a high-level understanding of how all the component parts of a large Java web applications fit together, and your practical hands-on experience working across the stack. To do well, you should already be generally proficient in:
  • Working with the frameworks and tools used to build large-scale Java web apps, such as Spring/JEE, Hibernate/JPA, and JAX-RS/WS;
  • Common design patterns, architectures, and development practices for building large scale server side applications;
  • Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to modern standards;
  • Implementing RESTful services to support web and mobile frontends
  • Computer science & technical problem solving. Many of our projects push up against the boundaries of what standard tools and libraries can do. You’ll use your knowledge of programming concepts and paradigms, data structures, design patterns, networking, and computer architecture to help your team navigate new and unknown technical problems, and enable our customers to operate at the scale they need to in order to succeed.

We’d also like to see (but don’t require) hands-on experience with:

  • Search technologies like Solr, Elasticsearch, and Endeca;
  • Single Page Application frameworks like Angular 1 or 2, ReactJS, or Ember;
  • Web content management systems, like Adobe Experience Manager
Interested in working with us? We’re always looking for talent who shares our vision.