We've built a world-class team comprised of commerce experts

Our Values

Be Passionate

At Avatria, we believe that people who are passionate about what they do are more successful. We are passionate technologists who are driven by an interest in digital commerce and motivated by the drive to advance technology and build the next great commerce solutions.

Embrace Change

The digital world is one that is constantly changing and evolving. By embracing change, we are able to not just keep up with a dynamic marketplace, but create the innovative and diverse solutions for our clients. This approach gives our clients the edge they need to be competitive.

Strive For Excellence

At Avatria, we pursue excellence in all that we do. We have the benefit of years of technology experience, while also having the advantage of being nimble to best meet our clients’ needs.

"Avatria has given me the opportunity to work with the smartest and most innovative people in our industry."

- Leo R.

A Look into Our Culture

Strong Teams

Strong teams lead to good outcomes, and we want the best for our employees and clients.

Engagement Support

We've got your back and provide whatever support a team or individual may need.

Flat Organization

We empower employees and focus on their growth, not on titles and corporate hierarchy.

Your Choice of Tools

Work how you want to. We use the best tools that make the most sense to get the job done.

Help Avatria Grow

All of our employees shape Avatria's growth, building a company for everyone.

Competitive Benefits

Flexible PTO, Family Leave, Insurance and 401(K) are all part of our benefits package.

Avatria is committed to creating innovative commerce solutions that help our customers reach their full potential.

Meet the Team

Brian Ballard
Wendy Bey
Tony Farruggio
John McDonough
Zach McMahon
Anando Naqui
Stephen Osentoski
Brian Perry
Avery Robinson
Leo Rotstein
Derek Schlau
Harry Thakkar
John Vurdelja

"Avatria provides an environment where everyone in the company can collaborate and challenge each other, enabling constant career growth opportunities."

- John V.

Avatria is hiring smart, hands-on technologists with a genuine love for all things digital